Six Point Quality Control System

We have a 6 Point Quality Control System (6PQCS for short, pronounced 6PICS) in place where 6 different people check the items and package to make 100% sure we send out exactly what the customers order: 1. The Packing Manager (PM), prints the Packing Slip and notes the exact items and quantity of each and prints out the Shipping Label based on the items weight and destination. 2. The Picker, picks out the products and takes it back to the Packing Manager and the PM signs the bottom of the Shipping Label Receipt. 3. The QC staff member checks each item to make sure their no defects and signs the Shipping Label Receipt. 4. Two members of the Packing Staff pack the items with the QC Manager overseeing. All sign the Shipping Label Receipt. 5. The package is weighed and a description of the items packed and package weight are all written written on the box/envelop and the Shipping Label Receipt and all are scanned and signed off. 6. The packages for the day are hand delivered to the postal carrier that picks up the packages daily.