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6 Smart Everyday Workwear Dresses for Men

Fashion is never a one day thing. You can't look like Brad Pitt one day and a lousy little kid the other days. You gotta repo to take care of man! Be it your workwear dresses or your party tux, you have to have some fashion sense. Here are a few ideas for some smart and sexy workwear dresses for you to flaunt everyday!

#The Polo Day!

Men look the sexiest in Polo T-shirts! They carve out your masculine features just so well. Thus, having a bold colored (Black being the best) plain Polo T-shirt in your workwear dresses' closet can be a great idea! Pair it up with a Denim and some casual shoes. Add a light shade belt and you look just right!

#The Blazered Perfection!

Blazers and men, go just so well together. Your workwear dresses would surely be incomplete without a blazer. Wear a blazer (Slightly rumpled if you want casual) with a plain shirt. Put on some contrasting pants, a belt and some summer shoes.

#The Classic Suit Day!

No workwear dresses' collection is complete without that suit. Suits are the ultimate classic worwear dresses. There are two options to style this one.

---Wear it the regular two-piece or three-piece tie way!

---Be a bit experimental! Wear a T-shirt with your suit. Not a blazer, a suit! But mind well, this isn't completely formal. You don't want to do such an experiment for an important meeting.

#The Carefree Casual Look!

For days when you don't feel like dressing up at all, T-shirts are your go to. Wear a plain T-shirt and some pants. If you to go that extra mile, tuck in the T-shirt and add a blazer. Some loafers and a wrist-watch. And you are done for the day!

#The Chinos!

Chinos are those perfect pieces which are comfortable and trending (Thank God!). Though they are perfect for casual days, you might be relieved to know that they are good with your workwear dresses too. Go for a bright pair of chinos and make them the center of attraction. Wear a light colored shirt with it. Slip on some loafers and it looks great!

#The Knitted Day!

Sweaters are your life-line on those cold winter days. But it won't cause any harm to style them up a bit with your workwear dresses! You can wear your sweater simply with your jeans or wear them with a T-shirt. Try to wear a well fitted dark jeans on such days. It would look just good.

A Quickie!

Men look insanely hot with those folded sleeves. Don't forget this on a full-sleeve day.

Fashion is not some complicated science. It is imagination. It is creativity. You don't need to follow the trends always. Wear anything which makes you feel good. Fashion never says you have to wear those skinny jeans. Wear what you feel like! Wear what you love! No matter how you dress up, remember to follow the formal decency conduct.

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