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6 Casual yet Formal Work Wear Outfits for Women

They say Fashion should be impromptu. Bull shit! You need to plan what you are wearing. Style repute is to be handled duh!  Casual events and parties are still easy to handle. But work wear? God! We have to pull off some thing which is formal and "suitable for work wear". But at times, those high waist skirts and pants and suits become just so boring. And very uncomfortable too. You need something which is fit for work wear but is also very stylish. And brings some good comfort to you. Here a few work wear clothing ideas which are just right. They are absolutely casual yet great as formals.

#The Elegant Jumpsuits!

Bold colored plain jumpsuits make you look drop dead gorgeous, don't they? I know right. They are comfortable, sexy, stylish and formal. It is like a total win-win situation. Flaunt you jumpsuits to work. Pair them up with some simple ankle straps or pumps.

#The Perfect Jumpers!

Jumpers are total love. God they are so damn comfortable. I can survive in them all my life. Like totally! Please some plain jumpers can be great to go with for your work wear too. What can be better than that for a lazy day right? Jumpers, plain jeans and some loafers. Totally cool yet great for work.

#The Batwing Blouse!

Batwing Blouses? Total yayy! They are so damn stylish and comfortable. And the great news is that they are perfect for work too. Just get some plain ones. Not too fancy, sparkly, glam things. Pull on your pants, formal or casual that is your take. And wear your French heels.

#The Classic Edit!

If you don't want to put in any efforts for your work wear, we got a deal for you too. Go for the classic look. Casual trousers with a t-shirt or shirt. Quite simple yeah? I know! But they are even totally cool. Stylish and fit for work. Plus so damn easy to pull off. That is like the best bargain ever! Just make sure you aren't going for something which is too fancy or too exposing.

#The Sexy Skirt Baby!

Want something interesting and a bit dressy for your work wear? Then this one is just for you. A flared skirt with a neutral tone t-shirt and a contrasting blazer to go with. Add your belt and cone or peep toe heels. The perfect chic outfit for work.

#V-neck Hem Shell Top!

Hem Shell tops are classy. Really classy! And the V-neck ones? They are absolutely stunning. On days when you want an effortless outfit with some good sex appeal, hem shell tops are your go to. You don't need to buy a deep cut one. They are made in a way which automatically flaunts your body. Pair you hem shell with some plain trousers and simple wedges. Great deal to go!

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