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6 Chic and Comfortable Women Workout Clothes

Gymming is real fun, isn't it? The rush you get in your body after a good workout is worth all the efforts. But all you women must be knowing that for a good workout, you need some good women workout clothes. I mean you need to be comfortable with what you are wearing.

Or else you won't be able to work out well. Some comfortable women workout clothes are all that your body needs. Here are some good women workout clothes which are chic, trendy and comfortable as well.

#The Sports Bra Outfit!

Sports bra outfits are the classic women workout clothes. Seriously! They are effortless, sexy and comfortable as hell. All you need to do is wear your sports bra with your slim-fit leggings. Slip on your sports shoes and you are great to go.

#The Layered Look!

The layered look for your gym days can never go wrong. Layer your full-sleeve crop top on your tank top and sports bra. God, it looks so gorgeous! Trust me. Wear your yoga pants or leggings beneath it and our ootd is ready!

#The Sweatshirt Look!

Sweatshirts are versatile for women workout clothes. Seriously! They make your outfit look effortless and sexy. Plus they are so damn comfortable. So you have got nothing at all to worry about.

For this outfit you can either wear your sweatshirts alone. Or you can layer them on you neon colored sports bra. Wear you legging or tracks with this one. If you want to make it look all colorful, you can even wear your neon sports shoes with this.

#The Neon Leggings Outfit!

Neon colors are so in recently. Especially for women workout clothes. they are totally chic and make you look on fleek! Instead of wearing neons for your tops, you can go for a neon colored leggings. Yes! That would look really gorgeous. Wear your neon printed leggings, with a plain tank and your sports shoes.

#The Simple Sweater Look!

This one is the ultimate outfit for all those winter days. Sweaters go along with women workout clothes really well. To pull off this outfit, just layer you favorite sweater on you sports bra. To make the outfit colorful, choose a neutral-colored sweater and a bright or neon colored bra. A pair of simple leggings and your sports shoes will complete this look with perfection.

#The Bonita Bra Look!

Bonita Bras make the perfect element for women workout clothes. This outfit turns out to be really simple yet elegant. It defines your body and makes you look sexy. Plus it insanely comfortable so that your workout does not suffer. Just wear you Bonita bra with your tights or tracks. Pair it up with you sports shoes and you are great to go.

By following the mix and match fashion rule you can make your women workout clothes look really chic. There is nothing much to worry about. If the outfit feels comfortable and looks good to you, then make it your ootd without a second thought.

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