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Trousers vs Jeans: What suits the Occasion?

Clothes and accessories. They make you look good. They make you look drop dead gorgeous. But, but but honey! You don't want to mess it up ever. You gotta wear something which suits the occasion. But sometimes things get so damn tricky! And the biggest debate of all time is trousers vs jeans. No matter how hard we try, we just can't settle for one. We might sort out everything else. But this trousers vs jeans thing is always the toughest to deal with. But don't worry girls. You got me to your rescue. Here are some of the most common occasions. And the solution for your debate.

#Dinner Party

Trousers vs Jeans? For a dinner party, trousers are probably the best idea. You want to keep it more formal rather than casual. You don't need to wear formal pants. Just some simple colored or maybe even printed trousers would be good enough.

#Birthday Party

Trousers vs Jeans? Jeans for sure! Wear your favorite ones. Ripped, boyfriend, slim-fit or cigarette! You can go for literally ANYTHING.

In case it is the party of someone more mature or someone from your work, you might want to go for trousers. Again any casual trousers are great.

#Dance Parties

Trousers vs jeans? Jeans! Slim fit jeans are just so perfect for those dance parties. Bold colored slim-fit jeans are gonna make you look gorgeous. And surely help you flaunt those sexy booties!

#Business Party

Trousers vs Jeans? Surely trousers. And preferably formal pants. Business parties are all about flaunting the formal wears. Don't even think of a jeans for such an event. Just pick up the best of your formal pants.

#Romantic Dates

Trousers vs Jeans? Romantic dates are really versatile. You can wear either of two. Just wear whatever you like. But dress up the way you are. You don't need to change your outfit preference for his liking. In fact, if it is a first date, definitely wear something which defines you. Show him who you really are. And outfits surely speak louder than you think.


Trousers vs jeans? For a funeral, if you are not in the mood of a dress you can wear either of two. Jeans and trousers, both are good enough. But yeah, they should be black of course. If going for trousers, yo don't need the formal ones. Just plain black casual pants are great!

#Job Interview

Trousers vs Jeans? Duh, of course trousers! Without a doubt. Plain, gorgeous and super formal trousers.

#Casual Hangouts

Trousers vs Jeans? Jeans girl! Jeans for sure. Again, an occasion where you can where any jeans of your choice. Color, style, fit! It is all up to you.

You can even wear trousers. After all it is just a hangout. There are no rules for it. Just keep it all casual!

Those were a few suggestion for your never ending trousers vs jeans debate. Use them and rock your style quotient!

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