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5 Important tips for Shopping Online Safely

Despite of the fact that we just love online shopping, we have to consider the risks associated with it too. Online shopping is quick, easy and cheap! That is why more and more people are turning towards it. And where there is some crowd, there are many frauds too. But wait a minute people! We aren't fool enough to be conned into such stuff. Here are some tips for shopping online safely.

#An anti-malware software is a must!

Anti-malware software is quite a must when you are an online person! Though it is an obvious requirement, some people ignore it. When it comes to tips for shopping online, an anti-malware software tops the list.

#Check for the Return/Exchange options.

It is not necessary that you will always get just the perfect product. Genuineness, size, design, color, and tonnes of other issues prevent it from being the perfect piece. Thus, you have to ensure if the website is providing options for Return or Exchange.

Another important thing in the tips for shopping online category is check the procedure for returns. Sometimes, some fraud e-comm websites claim to provide return/exchange options. But in reality, there is no such facility available. Thus, you should check their procedure before placing your order.

#Look for Encryption

An important check-list in the tips for shopping online safely is to look for encryption on the payment page. All the websites either have http or https protocol. Your payment page URL must always have an https protocol. As, the s stands for secure. Always enter your payment details only on a website with https protocol.

#Check your Statements!

When you are using a credit or debit card, it is important to keep a tab on your card statements. This is an extremely important point in the tips for shopping online. Don't rely just upon the monthly statements provided by the bank. Check your account details regularly. This will ensure that you are immediately able to spot any suspicious activity. And you can take appropriate action in time.

#Verify the Seller

An important point people usually miss in the tips for shopping online category is, the seller. Sometimes, even some reputed websites have some fraud sellers. Though the brand tries to ensure that there are no such fraud sellers working with them, some people just find some ways. As customers, it is our duty to verify them. Check for the reviews and feedback of the seller. And only then place your order.

Be a Guide: Report and Review!

Even after checking multiple things, sometimes we end up getting trapped. Some fraud sellers find a way out of hell to cheat people. If at all, someday you fall for such a trap, make sure to report it as a cyber crime.

Another important thing you should do is review the website. Review it and tell people about its fraudulent activities. This would ensure that other people won't be trapped by them.

Follow these tips for shopping online safely. Happy shopping!

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