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6 Hassle Free ways to Style Shirts for Women

"Shirts are Formal" is an age old myth. Though they might appear too simple to be stylish, a chic eye knows how to make the shirts for women look all sexy and glam. Be it Jenifer Aniston or Emma Watson, they have time and again proved that shirts can look way too gorgeous than what we think. All you need to do is style them correctly! Here are some tips to style the shirts for women really quick.

#Make it a Denim Day!

Denims are super awesome! They can go with everything, like literally EVERYTHING. And when it comes to the shirts for women, there cannot be a better friend than Denims. All you need to do to pull off this look is, pair up your plain button down with a simple pair of denims, slip on your sandals and grab your shades!

#Go for the Sweater Style!

Sweaters are not at all boring. If styled correctly, then can make you look bomb! And when you add sweaters with the shirts for women, it simply means perfection. Wear your shirt under your sweater and let the sleeves, collar and bottom of the shirt show up. Go for a casual pair of jeans with it. Wear a pair of tip-toed sandals. You can add some statement jewelry to this outfit if you want.

#Time for some Boyfriend Jeans!

Boyfriend Jeans are the ultimate saviors for every girl. They are those perfect little pairs which are comfortable as well as stylish at the same time. And the good news is that they go well even with the shirts for women. Wear a loose shirt, boyfriend jeans and some nude wedges. Accessorize heavily and your outfit is all perfect.

#Prepped up Midi Skirt!

Shirts for women can surely be made a lot more interesting buy opting for some experiments! Make that simple white shirt look altogether different by wearing a midi skirt with it. Tie the shirt a bit from the front to enhance the casual look. Wear some stilettos and you are done.

#The T-Shirt Mix and Match!

Shirts for women are damn too versatile! They can even rock your plain Tee. It has been like the most "in trend" style recently to pair up shirts with some gorgeous Tees. This chic outfit is simply effortless. Wear a plain T-shirt and grab your contrasting check-shirt. Keep ALL the buttons open, wear some denims and flats and call it a day!

#The Cardigan thing!

Cardigans can give the coolest transformation to the shirts for women. They can make your casual outfit look so chic so easily. Just wear any plain shirt (avoid printed ones), wear your Cardigan and tie up the shirt from the front (No one wants to look too baggy). Pair it all up with some contrasting tights. Wear your boots to make that outfit all sexy and you are perfectly good to go.

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