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Different shirts to suit your style

Shirts are by far the most worn apparels by both men and women. A nice fitted shirt can make any outfit look amazing. There are various things to look in to when buying a shirt for yourself. The size and fit matters a lot but the types of cuffs and collars also make a huge difference in the look. There are many different styles, colors, patterns, collar types, cuffs and length options which you can check out in a store or online when purchasing shirts. Buying a proper fit shirt can enhance your appearance and also keep you away from all the discomfort.

Here are some points to check on before buying shirts for yourself

#The big and tall shirts is a great option for people who need extra room. These shirts come with longer sleeves and overall length. These are great for individuals with good body built. You can check various options of fits available with these shirts. These usually include the slim fit, regular fit and the tailored fit.

#The collars of a shirt give a different dimension to The various different options available with them includes the classic, cutaway, wing, forward-point, and button down collars. The classic collars are the regular style and ideal for workwear shirts. These look great when paired up with a tie. The cutaway collar or the Windsor collar as it is popularly known consists of an angled cut towards the shoulder. This type of collared shirt is great for casual or evening wear. The forward-point collar style is great for workwear shirts and looks dapper on most of the men. The button-down collar style is often opted to wear under sport jerseys. These are great for casual meet and greet occasions. The wing collar is a great option for evening wear or a party. These are also great for formal black tie events as they look different, classy and trendy.

#The style of cuff is very important for the shirt. The various options available in cuffs include the single and double cuffs. The single cuff is the most common and classic style which includes the angled and round options. The double cuff shirt is also known as the French cuffs. These are double folded and come with holes to fasten the cufflinks. These type of cuffs look great when worn during a special event or occasions. The double cuffs are usually seen in most of the dress shirts available for men.

#The different material of the shirts also makes a huge difference to the look. The cotton and linen shirts are great options for summer outings or casual and work wear. They keep you comfortable and sweat free for the entire day. The silk and soft shirts look great on special events.

The above-mentioned options of style, collar and cuff types can help you in buying the best shirt for yourself depending upon the occasion. There are wide range of color and pattern options available too.

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