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Ripped Jeans - A new fad this season

Ripped jeans or distressed jeans has become the most favorite fashion fad among all the young generation. This natural phenomenon of wearing out and distressing out has been used by the fashion world and made a unique trend out of it. Many celebrity stars, pop stars, and rappers popularized ripped jeans.The fashion is still in vogue and most of the teenagers today love donning a pair of ripped jeans. These ripped jeans look very good on everyone. The fashion style is so easy that you can also do it. All you need is a pair of jeans, a blade, or sharp knife and good understanding of the different kind of distress that you can make in your jeans.

There are three kinds of distress, which you can make on your jeans to convert it into a new avatar of ripped jeans. Creating ripped jeans involves making holes, shreds, and scrapes. Making this kind of distress in your jeans can change it into new stylish, in vogue ripped jeans. Holes involve making cuts in your jeans. They look good especially near the knee. Another thing to keep in mind while making holes in your jeans is to make horizontal cuts across the jeans leg and these should be smaller than the leg of the jeans. The size of the hole should be just enough to show off your knee when you sit. There is a very fine line between looking classy and looking sloppy which you should always remember while making holes in your jeans.

Shreds involve making shredded areas on your jeans to make them ripped jeans. This can be achieved by scraping out a portion where you want to place your distress and then continue scrapping it until you see shreds of threads coming off from the area. One thing to keep in mind is to keep the visible threads intact and not to cut them off. Shreds look great at almost any place on your jeans, but they look great at the thigh or below thigh areas.

Another form of distress is the mildest form of distress for creating your ripped jeans. This kind of distress involves scraping out or making scratches or abrasions on your jeans using a dull knife or a blade. This kind of distress on your jeans is most preferred by people who are a little shy and not willing to show too much of skin.

So, if you are also a big fan of ripped jeans and want to try out the style without investing on a new ripped jeans, then you can try making them yourself on your favorite jeans. You can also get a feel of how it is to wear ripped jeans and then further decide on getting a new one for yourself. This ripped jean has become the most followed style this season. This style gives a very rugged, laid back and cool feel to your entire look. So try it out yourself by making them yourself.

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