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Top 5 Departmental Online Shopping Stores in USA

For us crazy shoppers, Online Shopping is nothing less than magic. I mean no need of having to kill our legs in markets. No need of having to roam around the city with those bags full of pretty stuff. And most importantly, no need of having to visit 100 different stores to buy one single dress. All you need to do is browse through a few online shopping stores. And bam! The product is delivered to your place.

Seriously, online shopping is the best thing ever. And if you talk about departmental stores, they are just another level of amazing. All the stuff you need in one single place! Thus, we have decided to help you with this. Here is a list of the best departmental online shopping stores in the USA.


Amazon is one of the online shopping stores that function globally. The company is based in Seattle, Washington. It is one of the most popular websites not only in the USA but the world over. Amazon is a departmental store. Here you can find every single thing. Be it clothes, home decor, furniture, tools, music, videos, books, or anything else. You can find a large collection of all of these on the website. Apart from the main brand, there are many other subsidiaries as well which are owned by the company.


The headquarters of eBay are in San Jose, California. This one as well is one of online shopping stores that function globally. You can find everything here. Every single unimaginable thing. eBay not only sells new products but also buy used products here. On this website, you can find a huge range of Cars, Electronics, Fashion apparels, Home decor, tools, etc.


Maxwell Kohl is the founder of the retail departmental chain Kohl's. He built the first supermarket in the year 1946. The company headquarters are in Wisconsin, USA. Apart from the brick and mortar chains of Kohl's, the company is also one of the departmental online shopping stores. All the products available are sorted into meaningful categories - Home, Bed & Bath, Furniture, Men, Women, Juniors, Sports Fan, Toys, etc.


The company was founded 54 years ago in 1962. Initially, it began as a brick and mortar supermarket. It is a multinational retail departmental store chain. In January 2002, the company started their online division as well. This added their name to the list of online shopping stores in the USA. This store as well provides a wide range of products. You can find home decor, fashion, pharmaceuticals, toys, and what not.


Target is the second largest discount store in America and also one of the most reputed online shopping stores. The company began as Goodfellow Dry Goods in 1902. It became the target corporation in 200. The company headquarters are in Minnesota, USA. The website sells a wide range of goods which includes almost everything one needs. The website categorizes the products in 21 different categories. The list includes everything from Fashion to home decor to bath supplies, pet supplies, furniture, electronics, grocery & household supplies, etc.

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