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Get your beach party rocking with a pair of Micro Bikini

As the name suggests, micro bikini is the hottest and sexiest pair of lingerie. Micro bikini is now a fad among pool parties and beach parties. They are quite popular among young women as they are the minimalistic pair of bikinis.

These micro bikinis are for the daring women who are comfortable in showing majority of their skin. Micro bikini have very little piece of cloth which covers your private parts. These micro bikinis are very common in places with beautiful beaches. Places like St. Kelda Beach in Australia, Ipanema and Copacabana beach in Brazil, and Wasaga Beach in Canada are the common sites where you find people donning micro bikinis.

There are different kinds of micro bikinis available. You can choose from the wide variety depending upon your preferences and comfortability.

Some of the different kinds of micro bikinis are:

# - Net See thru Bikini - This micro bikini has a super sexy look as it is made in a style that resembles a fish net. This see thru micro bikini is very popular among women.

# - Mini Bikinis - This bikini is a slighter covered version of micro bikini. This one is for the individuals who are shy but still want to dare it out.Thong Bikini- these

# - Thong Bikini - These micro bikinis is very popular and consists of V-back thong.

#- Micro Brazil - This micro Brazilian bikini is a choice of many people as it can be worn in 2 ways. The back and front of the bikini can be changed as per your choice. This also has side strings for extra comfortability.

# - Teardrop Bikini - This one is for the most daring people. This micro bikini has covers in a teardrop shape and just covers the private parts very sparingly.

# - Ruffled micro bikini - For people who enjoy a little spunk, these ruffled micro bikinis are the best. They have a ruffled thong cover-up or ruffled Brazilian styles in this category.Sling peekaboo bikini- It is difficult to describe this

# - Sling peekaboo bikini - It is difficult to describe this micro bikini as it just consists of strings and provides almost no coverage. They have just strings and are the sexiest piece of bikinis

# - Zipper bikinis - These micro bikinis have a zipper placed in the bikini bottoms. The other versions include accessorized bikinis that contain pieces of accessories embellished upon the micro bikinis.

# - Sheer or transparent bikini - These bikinis are made from thin, sheer, and shiny material which gives you the oomph and sexy look around the beach.

All these micro bikinis are widely available in various lingerie and bikini shops or online. If you have the dare to walk out in public with a micro bikini, you have many options, which you can choose from, and rock that beach or pool party. Be yourself and feel confident when you wear them. They are the sexiest things known and can turn on any men around. So go ahead and flaunt yourself with these beautiful micro bikinis.

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