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Lingerie that reveals the sexy you

Lingerie is basically undergarments used by women. The word is adopted from French language and is associated with the clothing’s that accentuate the female figure. These garments are sexually appealing to the opposite sex. It literally means, “Made from linen” which is a type of material used for making undergarments since very long times.

For women there are usually two kinds of lingerie. One is designed for function and includes camisoles and slips. Other lingerie is used for attaining smooth, covered and seamless figure that includes braziers. The other kind of lingerie includes corsets, panty sets, nightgowns and fancy looking braziers. This kind of lingerie are showier and mostly use to allure the sexual partner. This kind of lingerie use showy material like silk and lace.

Both the kinds of lingerie are popular amongst women. Various types of lingeries are now available widely. These include Bikini, Basque, babydoll, bodysuits, girdle, G-string or a thong, drawers, French maids, corsage, spankies, torsolets, trunks, unitards, tanga, stringbody, boyshorts, corsets, corselets, chemise and many more. In US, Victoria’s Secret is the biggest retailer of lingeries, while in Europe DB Apparel and Triumph International are the big players in the business of lingerie.

They have always been associated as a turn on factor for the opposite sex. Thus, having a pair of good lingerie has become a need for every women.

Here are some tips on buying lingerie for yourself:

# - Men are usually fond of colors like red, white, black, and blue. They usually enjoy to have a sneak peek through the color. A black and red pair of lingeries never goes wrong in accentuating your body and curves.

# - Buy a perfect fit. Do not get into a rage of forcing yourself into wrong sizes. This may look horribly bad and will not turn out to be a comfortable choice. You do not want yourself to be scratching and adjusting it all the time. Accessorize them. Adding a bit of accessories enhance the overall effect of it. Throwing in some jewelry like a necklace or heels can rise up your oomph factor.

# - Accessorize them. Adding a bit of accessories along with your lingerie can enhance the overall effect of it. Throwing in some jewellery like a necklace or heels can rise up your oomph factor.

# - Go lacy. Laces and semi-transparent materials used in the lingeries show more as they show less. The idea behind this is to give a hint of what is in there. The thought itself can turn on your partner.

# - Buy a lingerie that you think looks the best on you. If you feel confident, comfortable and sexy, then think no more and just get it. There is nothing in the world that can beat the feeling of feeling sexy.

These days there are many outlets that provide variety of lingeries. Try them out and go for the one, which makes you feel comfortable, sexy and confident. Watching a woman sporting a nice pair of lingeries is a dream for a man. So, make that special effort for the man of your life and go with the flow.

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