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6 Best of the Levis Shirts for Women and Some Styling Tips

Shirts probably define women's bodies the best! You look smart, elegant and sexy. All in one look! And Levis Shirts? Who doesn't love them? Levis shirts are no doubt the best ones for all you women out there. Wearing the right one of these and styling it properly, can make you look just perfect. Here are a few bestsellers from the house of Levis and some styling tips for them.

#The Silk Boy Shirt!

One of the most popular Levis Shirts, the Silk Boy Shirts is the classiest of them all. It is Available in Jet Black, Bright White and Indigo Check. Indigo check would be perfect for casual events. Jet Black and Bright would be cool enough for your work. Pair them with your jeans or pants and some sneaker or loafers.

#The Commuter Tunic!

This Indigo colored commuter tunic is a statement piece for sure. It is one of those versatile Levis shirts which is perfect for all occasions.  Dates, Parties, work or just another day. Whenever you feel like you want to pamper yourself a bit or simply stand out of the crowd, you can totally use this shirt. Pair it up with some pants and sandals.

A Quickie! 

You can wear some shorts with this for a home date too! Your sex appeal would just immediately shoot up!

#The Classic One Pocket Shirt!

There are some 9 Levis Shirts of the Classic One Pocket Style. This collection has prints, blues and whites to suit different styles and occasions. With the best of the designs, you can find something for work, parties or something pretty casual.

#Holly Shirt!

The Holly Levis Shirts are just the right thing for all you Tomboys out there. They are comfortable,they are stylish and they speak just rude! They are available in Fauna Caviar Stripe and Striped Colony Blue. To flaunt the perfect rough look with these, wear some solid colored rugged jeans and  boyish sneakers.

#The Sidney One Pocket Boyfriend Shirt!

These Levis Shirts are not the regular Boyfriend shirts you are thinking about. They are totally the Levis legacy. Available in 5 different styles, they are sexiest boyfriend shirts out there. Pairing them up with some contrasting jeans would look just perfect. Tuck in the shirt half-way and add a belt for a more fierce look. Wear your loafers with these and you are good to go.

#Tailored Western Shirts!

These two-pocket classic western Levis shirts are my personal favorites. Available in 11 variants, these are perfect for the modern-day woman. And the best part is that all the variants are just perfect for your work. They can even be converted into a night outfit after your work with some simple changes.

For the Day look

Wear these with some regular jeans and some simple loafers. Wear a light makeup and your good to go.

For the Night look

Slip on your heels and pull your eye liner to the cat-eye thing. Wear a neon lipstick and go hit the party!

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