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8 Best Levis Jeans for Women - 8 Different Fits

Levis stores are pilgrim places for jeans lovers. I mean Levis Jeans are so damn perfect. Levis is the store which has something for everyone. Really! They have many different fits for different bodies and different likings. Here are the 8 best Levis Jeans for women having 8 different fits.

#Supper Skinny Levis Jeans

710 CORDUROY SUPER SKINNY JEANS. This one, as they call it has "the Seriously Sexy Fit". It is seriously much more than skinny! It is seriously super skinny! And the best part of this is that it is available in 24 different shades. Can you believe it? I know right. It is simply amazing. The color range includes all the blues, and the browns, and the neutrals. They are surely a must have.

#Skinny Levis Jeans

311 SHAPING SKINNY JEANS. This Levis jean has "The Perfect Go-To Fit". It is available in some 9 colors which are all so amazing! It has a really flexible fit and defines your body like nothing else. This Levis gives the seamlessly sexy look to your pretty legs.

#Slim Levis Jeans

712 SLIM JEANS. This Levis Jean has "The Timeless Chic Fit". This Levis is available in 8 different shades. It is like the dream denim for all women. It is so comfortable yet so perfect in the fit. You can wear it any single day without any sort of hesitation. And style it in as many ways as you want.

#Straight Levis Jeans

525 PERFECT WAIST STRAIGHT JEANS. This one is "A Straight Up Classic". It is available in 2 colors - Ace Rinse and Sky. Ace Rinse is a deep royal blue, while Sky is the lighter variant. This is an amazing comfy fit jean.

#Boyfriend Levis Jeans

501 SELVEDGE JEANS FOR WOMEN. This Levis Jean has "Relaxed, Effortless Style". The best part of this one is that it is available in 11 different colors. And all of them are really gorgeous. Since it is a boyfriend jean, comfort is not at all a problem. Additionally, the style is also really chic.

#Bootcut Levis Jeans

315 SHAPING BOOT CUT JEANS. Being the perfect bootcut, it is "Slimming and Leg-lengthening". Though this is a boot cut but doesn't make it look like a big deal. It doesn't make your style get ruined at all. And is available in 5 different beautiful colors. Short girls can wear it for a height illusion. But it also makes sure that your outfit doesn't look baggy.

#Flare Levis Jeans

VINTAGE FLARE JEANS. "Legs for Days. Style for Decades" is something which defines this the most. It is available in two shades - Fox Blue and Beachfront. The best part of this jean is that it has a flare cut and is a ripped jean. I mean, how cool is that? And since the material is heavyweight non-stretch, it gives the perfect vintage feel.

#Plus Levis Jeans

310 SUPER SHAPING SKINNY JEANS (PLUS). To "Smooth and Enhance your Shape", get this one for sure. It is the perfect super skinny jean and is as comfortable as a legging. It is available in 5 color variants and has a lot of size options to define every single body.

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