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7 Classy Outfit Ideas for Levis 510 for Men

All the jeans lovers surely know about Levis 510. I mean it is one of the classiest pieces from the house of Levis. This skinny jean from Levis is a blend of elegance and comfort. This makes it one of the most popular jeans of all time! It is available in 18 different colors! Like wow! The color range is perfect for all kinds of casual and formal outfits. In this article, I will tell you how you can style 7 of the color variants of Levis 510.

#The Levis 510 Nightshine

The Nightshine variant of Levis 510 is a deep black color. It can be styled in a number of different ways. Accounting to its color, it looks good with every single thing on earth. Seriously! Though, the best way to style it is pairing it up with a sweatshirt. Wear your grey or white color sweatshirt with this one. And you will look dapper! Pair it with your sneakers for the perfect look.

#The Levis 510 North Star

This one is again a black shade but with hints of grey. It looks really classy no matter how you style it. But to achieve the best look, pair it with a shirt, preferrably denim. And slip on your sneakers to look on fleek.

#The Levis 510 Pinky Boy

This is a perfect faded jean light blue in color. You can style it simply by wearing your white t-shirt and blue sneakers with it. If you want to style it even further, add a blazer or simply a printed shirt on it with the buttons open.

#The Levis 510 Rocky Point Grey

Rocky Point Grey is a grey from a different universe! Like seriously. It is so much better than the usual grey we wear. It is way too classy. And can just not be described in words. To style it, you can wear a black sweatshirt with it. Slip on you black sneakers and you would loook on fleek!

#The Levis 510 Campfire

Campfire is again a sexy light blue. It is the perfect faded jean for all you jeans lovers. It is versatile and can be dressed in any way you want. The  best way to dress it is pariring it with a blue polo T-shirt. Polos are sexy and look great with jeans. Wear your dark blue polo with this one. And complete the look with white sneakers.

#The Levis 510 Caldera

Caldera is a gorgeous greyish shade of Levis 510. This can also by styled in a hundreds of different ways. The simplest and the classiest one is to pair it up with a black t-shirt and black sneakers.

#The Levis 510 The Rich

The Rich is a Rich Blue Levis. It looks simply stunning. Pair it up with a plain white t-shirt and white sneakers for the perfect look. You can even add your denim jacket to this outfit.

Jeans can be styled in any and every possible way you wish. There is no rule book for it. Inspire yourself and look dapper!

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