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7 ways to Style Levis 501 Jeans for Men

If you are Jean Freak like me, you are sure to know about the Levis 501. I mean common, it is the best jeans that the mankind has ever witnessed. The Levis 501 jeans are available in some 47 different colors. I mean can you believe it? It is so freaking awesome. That amazingly versatile pair is available in so many colors! A dream come true, isn't it? Here are some amazing ideas to style this amazing pair of jeans according to the color!

#Polished Black!

The Polished Black Levis 501 is probably the classiest pair of jeans out there. I mean just look at the color man! The best way to style this one is to throw on a light colored t-shirt and some sneakers. The royalness of this jeans would automatically glam up your look without many efforts.

#Medium Stone Wash

Medium Stone Wash Levis 501 is a great color choice for a semi-formal outfit. The perfect way to pair them up with a plain white shirt. Yes, a classy plain white shirt and a pair of chukkas is all you need to flaunt this pair like a boss.

#Optic White

The Optic White shade of Levis 501 is an amazing pair. It is the perfect bright white and can look good for any event any day. To pull off these jeans, wear a deep colored shirt. It is okay if it is not too dark, but it should be deep. If it is a bright one, it would mess up with the bright white.

#Monks Robe

This is the most fun color from the Levis 501 range. It is a great casual wear choice and can be styled in numerous ways. The best of these is to add a plain white t-shirt and sneakers with it. Finish off the look with a blue toned blazer or shirt. Trust me, you are gonna have a really fun and playful outfit.


This is like the perfect denim color from Leis 501 range. It can be styled in any way you want. Literally anyway. The color is so perfect that it is bound to look perfect. One styling option is, pairing it up with a powder blue shirt. And a pair of dress boots. This outfit will look perfectly dressy and amazing.

#Indie Black Shade

The Indie Black Shade of Levis 501 has a trouser like finish. Thus, it is the most comfortable pair of pants you can ever wear to work. To style this up, simply wear a light colored shirt and a pair of loafers.

#Khaki Shade

Khaki Shade is yet another gorgeous color from the Levis 501 collection. The most amazing way to style this one is to pair it up with a dark shade t-shirt (Black being the best). Black T-shirt, Khaki Levis 501 and a pair of chukkas! Just the perfect combination.

Levis 501 is probably the best creation of the fashion world. Get yours in the color you like and style it in endless different ways.

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