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8 Latest Fashion Trends for Women - 2017

Fashion is that ever evolving magic which changes every single day. And we fashionistas just have to stay updated with it. 2016 was an amazing fashion year. We found some gorgeous trends which we are still pulling off. But now as the year has changed, it is time to modify our wardrobes as well. We gotta keep up with the trends, right? So here are the latest fashion trends for women which are going to rock 2017.

#The quirkiest of all latest fashion trends - Khaki

Khaki is always seen as a more of masculine color. Women usually choose to stay away from it. But hello ladies! It is high time we break such stereotypes. That is why Elle slayed the Khaki color in NY Fashion Week 2017. So pick up the next best thing you see in Khaki and pull off the quirkiest of all latest fashion trends.

#Go sky high with platforms

2017 is going all about pulling off those high platforms. Just like Gucci's lofty loafers embellished with studs. It is time to say goodbye to the insanely amazing sneaker trend. Make a statement with your high platforms this year. And begin following the latest fashion trends.

#Stripes are back!

Well, saying stripes are back is kind of inappropriate because hey! Stripes never go out of trend. But the latest fashion trends of 2017 are going all crazy with stripes. So get those stripes back in your wardrobe and pull them off.

#Yellow Yellow Yellow!

The Yellow madness was predicted in December 2016 itself. And the predictions were all on point. Yellow has created a buzz all over again. And trust me, it is just worth it. So don't refrain from buying anything in yellow as it has become the most viral one of all the latest fashion trends.

#White Shirt Dresses

Shirt Dresses were never out of trend. But now, 2017 has added white shirt dresses to the list of latest fashion trends. These ones are versatile. They are good for work, hangouts and even dates! Pick up any white shirt dress you love and you are great to go.


Robes are pretty perfect and 2017 has them as a major fashion trend. Robe dresses, robe shirts, literally killed the 2017 NY Fashion week. So get your hands on them as soon as you can. Because it is all about the latest fashion trends!

#Single-shoulder cutouts

Off-shoulders are quite common. But the latest fashion trends of 2017 have something more for us. Single shoulder cutouts are literally the sexiest and the classiest thing ever. And you definitely need to have them in your wardrobe this year.

#Fold over waists

It seems that the latest fashion trends of 2017 are just cutting out on regular waistlines. Fold over waists are one of the many attempts made for doing this. Your pants, skirts and almost everything can have fold-over waists. But remember, there is no scope for a belt here. Such waistlines can be great for work and parties alike. So don't miss out on them this year.

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