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Khaki is the new black

Khaki is trending these days. You can easily spot them in a crowd or at office. This color has taken over the wardrobe of many people. The increased prevalence of khaki shirts and pants is due to their various features which make them a versatile color. The various options available in khaki includes pants and shirts for both men and women. Khaki color is very neutral, earthy and nature resembling color.

The word khaki is adapted from the Hindi word which was originally derived from Persian and which means soil-colored or dust.Khaki was the mostly used in military uniforms as it was the most apt color for the military missions. The color provided the military men an undercover camouflage benefits and helped them in moving ahead in their mission. This color has been adapted by the fashion world too and is now the most worn color all-round the season.

Khaki has many features which makes it the most comfortable and the most preferred color. Let’s check out the various reasons which make them so popular.

#Khaki: the color is so soft, earthy and eye pleasing that it makes it the most preferred color.

#Khaki colored pants looks great with almost all colors and patterns. Thus, it makes them an easy choice as it save lots of time and money. Be it blue, floral, vintage, pinks, checkered, chambray, or striped, everything looks just great and apt on these pants. This makes them the most versatile pants.

#You can choose from various different shades of khaki and team them up with different shirts or T-shirts.

#This nude color gives a crisp and clean appearance to your complete look.

#Khakis have always been among the favorite list of many celebrities and stars.

#Khakis are usually made from cotton which again imparts them a plus point by adding that comfort quotient. These pants are extremely comfortable, durable and long lasting.

#Being a versatile piece of clothing, khaki color looks great for all occasions. Be it a casual meeting or outing with friends or day at office. They look extremely apt and dapper at all times.

#Khaki has always been among the favorite list of lazy men who do not laundry very often. Yes, these pair of pants do not show up dirt or look shabby as they themselves have a dusty color.

#The color goes amazingly well with any kind of accessories and add on too.

These and many other reasons make them the perfect color to wear for many men. This color has now also become very popular among women too. Khaki colored clothes are the best options for hiking, outdoor adventures or animal safaris. This color would be the most that you would see when you visit a sanctuary or any wildlife reserve. This is often to create a camouflage effect during the safari. Khaki colored clothes are the go to options for many people due to high comfort and versatile features.

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