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Different styles of Jeans for Men

Jeans is an indispensable component of the wardrobe these days. There is no way that you can survive without having a pair of good jeans. Jeans for men come in various different styles, cuts, fades, washes and distresses.

The best jeans for men is the one, which you feel extremely comfortable. Most of the jeans for men do provide comfort but buying them without checking on which style would give you the best comfort can later become frustrating, as you will not be able to wear them as often as you want.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to look into various different styles available in jeans for men and buy a pair, which will give you the best comfort and fit.

Here we have listed down the different styles of jeans for men to choose from:

#High Rise Jeans : This jeans for men is the most common and popular style of jeans. The waistline of these jeans sits up to your belly button and is a great option for men who want to hide away the extra flab around their waists.

#Low Rise Jeans : This jean for men has been popularized now as it increases the oomph factor of the wearer. This jean sits below your waistline and usually shows off your essentials. The only downside of these jeans is that you will have to always wear it with a belt to keep it in place.

#Skinny Jeans : Celebrities and rock stars have popularized this new trend in jeans for men. These body-hugging jeans is not very comfortable to all as it provides very less room at your thighs and seating area. Men with tall and medium built can go for this style of jeans.

#Straight cut Jeans : This jean is by far the most comfortable style of jeans for men. This classic style is very comfortable and looks great too. The cut of this style is completely straight rather than being tapered or flared. These are the best-fit style for men who love to have a combination of comfort and style in one pair of jeans. This jeans look great on kind of body types.

#Boot-cut Jeans : This style of jeans for men was popularized in the 80’s and 90’s. Rock stars and celebrities were usually spotted wearing this style of jeans. This style of jeans consists of flare, which continues until the end of the jean. Individuals with athletic body types can always go for this style of jeans.

#Relaxed fit Jeans : As the name suggests, this style of jeans for men is loosely fit and gives a very laidback and relaxed feel. This style of jeans suits men with good built and body. This style may look a little baggy or loose on lean individuals.

Jeans is the most comfortable clothing style only when you buy the correct style and fit. Depending upon your body built you can choose from the above-mentioned styles and own the most comfortable jeans for yourself.

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