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Different ways to wear Harem Pants

The harem pants are the most exotic pants that are used to signify the fashion statement for any person who wears them. These pants give you a cool look and have an element of exotic chic added to them.

These pants go about every style sensibility. You can wear harem pants depending on your mood and take them straight from the college to party wear. You can wear harem pants with any kind of top and there are many ways of wearing these pants.

These pants are also called cowl pants and let’s check out how these can be worn.

Disguise your imperfections

There can a question that whether the harem pants can be worn by the women who have heavy bottoms. The answer is obviously yes, since these harem pants will make the women’s big bottom look very slim and perfect.

Make sure that you need to buy the cotton fabrics from the store. Some of the fabrics drape more elegantly than the others. There are various options like silk and other delicate fabrics that will make the pants drape in all the right spots. Women with heavy bottoms need to choose the right size for their fit.

Go General

  • Change the color of tank to white
  • Can use racer back tank with harem pants
  • Make you look more trendy and stylish
  • Gives you look fashionable and classy
  • Can compliment your look with gold chains and pearl statement necklace

Chic Style

You can try wearing these pants with some chic and classy outfits. You need to choose a nice fitted tank and pair it with whitish cream harem pants. You need to tuck the tank loosely in order to make yourself look attractive. There can be bulky and heavy accessories and long necklace that can be worn with the baggy green harem pants. One medium size handbag will definitely complete your look.

Wearing with denim vest

You need to find a cool and casual harem pant and wear them with the denim vest. You need to over an oversize wool jacket to adjust the bagginess of the pants. There should be black, brownish leather clutch and heavy bracelet to balance the size of the harem pants. You need an ankle high boots to conclude off your look.

With bustier

The bustier looks great with these pants. If you are going for a relaxed evening or just having a walk around the neighbourhood or going for shopping then the bustier can be a perfect match. You need to pair this with black peep strappy toe heels that will compliment with the harem pants. You can also carry a scarf and matching handbag of similar color.

With blouses

These pants can be worn with the nice fitted trendy blouses. You need to choose colorful harem pants to wear with the blouses to look stylish. Since it is an evening wear, you can add a jacket to it and finish your attire with the small size handbag.

In these ways the harem pants can be worn differently!

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