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Best ways to style up the Harem Pants

Harem pants are considered the coolest pair of apparel and is steadily growing with its popularity. Harem pants has its roots from the Middle East and was a popular Turkish style. This style was popularized in India too, was the most worn clothing style, and was then called as a “Salwar.” The Persian belly dancers also popularized this. Paul Poiret gave it the name harem pants and he tried to incorporate them in the regular fashion styles. The popularity of harem pants was regained once the pop stars and celebrities sported it in their shows and music videos. These harem pants are embraced all over the world and are considered to be one of the most comfortable and casual pair of clothing. Most of the pants come with drawstrings or elastic waistbands that keep them tucked and keeps you comfortable.

Harem pants tend to blend with almost everything. These pants suit most of the body types and is very popular among men and women.

Here are some ways in which you can style up your harem pants.

#The most easy and simple way to dress up your pants is by adding a simple lined shirt. Add on a necklace or long neck brushing earrings with an up do hair and you are good to go.

#These pants also look great when teamed up with blazers. These become a best outfit during wintertime and look great on semi-casual meetings.

#These baggy pants are just great when teamed up with tight tops and high heels.

#These pants are great for individuals with slimmer and thin body types as they make them look even fuller.

#It is good to avoid loose and transparent fabric harem pants, as they do not give a very chic look.

#The fabric of the pants is very important as it can make or break your entire look. You can choose the fabric type from glittery, silky, jersey and cotton types depending upon the occasion.

#The sure shot styling combination of harem trousers includes the black harem trousers and a white shirt with high heel shoes.

Harem pants are available at almost all retail stores and online stores. You can look for the various prints, colors, and styles in the pants. These pants are versatile and can be worn to all occasions when correctly styled. Wearing a flowy, flowery patterned harem pants and other prints are great options for music fests or Coachella. These can be styled up by adding a fringed top or blouse, bandannas, flip-flops and oversized eye gears. You can always try new things and experiment new looks with these pants. They get full marks on the comfort level and is now preferred by many people for casual and semi-casual outings. You can select from the various different baggy styles available and choose the one, which suits you the best. These harem pants from Asian origins has given the world a fashion trend of the present time.

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