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Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Halloween is a festival that everyone loves. The kids especially love the festival as they can dig into a serious business of collecting candies. Another fun part of Halloween along with the trick or treats for kids is dressing up in different costumes. It is a great time to turn your little devils literally into devils J Kids love getting dressed up for Halloween and there are tons of Halloween costume ideas that you can try on them. You can always switch on your creative mode to come up with Halloween costume ideas, which are cute, scary, or gothic.

To make your life easy, here are some Halloween costume ideas for your kids.

#Zombie look - Yes, this look is currently the most popular among the Halloween costume ideas. Working out the look is also very simple and achievable. All you need is ripped up clothes, some teared clothes, and some make-up. The make-up plays a big role in creating this look. You can use dark and deep shades to create hollows and red color to create blood marks.

#Elsa look - The movies are often the inspirations for Halloween costume ideas. Here is one from a very popular movie among the kids “Frozen.” You can achieve the Elsa look by getting a long blue shiny colored gown stitched for your kid and giving her a light crystal and glitter loaded make-up. Accentuate the make-up by using white and silver glitter along with shiny beads.

#The witch look - This is by far has the most versions in Halloween costume idea. This involves stitching up a long flowy black gown and getting a high top cap, which you can do it yourself by making an extension on a hat using newspapers, tissue paper, and glue. Scrunch up a newspaper in the shape of the hat extension and cover it up with tissue paper and glue. Allow it to dry, stick this up with your normal black hat,and color it black. All you need after this is a dark scary make up and long pointy nose, which you can achieve by using playdoh.

#Alien look - For this Halloween costume idea, get your kids silver tight onesie or if you can even paint it with silver color. Contour a thermocol piece in the shape of an alien face. Make holes for the eyes and mouth. Toget more “alienish” features add antennae’s and as many eyes you want.

You can try out many more Halloween costume ideas using these basic methods of creating what you want. You can also try some other basic and easy Halloween costume ideas like ninjas, princesses, butterflies, bugs, and warriors. You can easily get costumes for this looks in various stores. You can also involve your kids in making the costumes and asking them about their favorite Halloween costume ideas. Together you can create some great piece of art and also enjoy great time together while creating and bringing your Halloween costume ideas into reality.

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