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Funny Halloween Costumes for Couples

Many people await the month of October, as it embraces the festival of Halloween. The festival is fully loaded with fun, glamour, darkness and jazzed up costumes and make-up. People try out various different dark and evil character and funny characters. While most of these characters are usually picked from novels and movies, others self-create various dark characters. Funny Halloween costumes are always preferred as they bring in the humor element to the Halloween parties. There have been many animation movies whose characters are often used as funny Halloween costumes. Some of these funny Halloween costumes require make-up and other accessories to complement the entire look, while others are as simple as donning a costume and hitting the party.

Here we have listed some of the most popular and funny Halloween costumes for couples.

It is a great idea to complement your better half by adapting these funny Halloween costumes.

#The Sandwich - You can each be a loaf of bread with one covered with peanut butter and the other with chocolate. This indeed is a great option for you to flaunt your best when together look.

#The lock and key - This is one of the most famous, funny Halloween costume, where one becomes the key, and the other is the lock. Now you can decide who becomes what here. J

#The cat and dog look - This funny Halloween costume is inspired from the animation. This involves dressing up as a cat and a dog with a same tail attached to each other. This one is a very funny Halloween costume indeed.

#The cookies and milk look - This funny Halloween costume is very famous and was sported by Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. This is the most adapted and liked costume for all time.

#The picture and the painter - This funny Halloween costume involves one of the counterpart to be a picture while the other becomes a painter. This is a great way to show your love and fondness to one another too.

#The bun maker and an oven - This funny Halloween costume involves the male counterpart as a bun maker while the female counterpart is the oven with a bun. Now that is some humor going across. J

#The fork and the spoon costume - As the name suggests, this costume involves one being a fork while the other dressed up as a spoon. Along with being funny to look at this costume also brings out the message that the two are always together.

Apart from these looks, there are always the super-hero couples, Fred and Wilma look, the Dracula and the Vampire look and many more. These above-mentioned funny Halloween costumes are a great way to spread a laughter around and exhibit that the couple always likes to stay together and synchronized with one another. Funny Halloween costumes are a great way to bring out your humor and fun element during Halloween. So, if you are a couple and looking out for ideas, do try these funny Halloween costumes to bag dozens of compliments.

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