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Top 6 Luxurious Evening Wear Apparel Brands for Women

Parties are a place to socialize. But do you know what is the other essence of a pretty evening? Your fashion quotient. A good FQ = A great party! The equation is that simple. Though there are many cheap brands available for evening wear clothing in the market. But nothing in the world can match those Luxury Brands. Their style, their feel, their gorgeousness! God it is irreplaceable. Here are a few luxurious brands. You can choose from them the next time you want to go shopping for evening wear!


Gucci is an Italian brand. It is popular not just for its fashion apparels, but also for its leather goods. Apart from all the hands bags, accessories, and clothes they have, they also have a large catalog for evening wear dresses. These dresses are all perfect in style and loved by fashionistas from all over the world.


Versace is another luxury brand from Italy. This company is globally functional and is followed by people from all parts of the world. The evening wear apparels found at Versace are totally unique. If you just want to stand out of the crowd and yet blend in, then Versace has a lot to offer to you.

#Dolce and Gabbana

Yet another luxury fashion name from Italy. D&G was founded by Domenico Dolci and Stefano Gabbana, hence the name Dolce & Gabbana. D&G is known for its larger than life clothing range. Especially their evening wear apparels are all so gorgeous that you are bound to fall for them.Their recent Princess wear Sequin Collection is my personal favorite. It calls for a complete glitter game.


This brand was founded by the Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armaani in 1975. The brand has a huge collection of clothes for all the days and all the occasions. Their evening wear apparels are to die for! Like literally. You can not just find gorgeous evening wear dresses, but amazing party tops. Additionally, you can also get some casual outfits from the brand. Their apparels are all so simple. Yet just so gorgeous.


Burberry is an English luxury fashion brand. It was founded by designer Thomas Burberry, Burberry is a big name in the fashion industry. It is especially popular for its trademark tartan pattern. This pattern is very distinctive and is loved by people all over. They sell clothes, fragrances, accessories and what not! Plus, they have a lot of options for you if you are planning to buy some good evening wear apparels.


Chanel. An Italian luxury fashion brand! It was founded by Coco Chanel. And how can we forget this company which gave us our loved "Little Black Dress"?  Not just that! It has hundreds of different options for evening wear apparels for women. Founded in 1909, this brand has become one of the biggest names in haute couture.

If you are a big fan of gorgeous evening wear apparels, then the fashion world has a lot of brands for you. Just look for the right one and you are good!

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