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Dickies Scrubs: The hub for all your scrubs needs

Safety is a very essential factor when it comes to working in volatile or vulnerable industries. Scrubs are the essentials in places like hospitals, clinics, or animal health clinics. Scrubs are the sanitary clothing worn by the doctors, physicians, nurses, researchers,and vets. The best way to keep yourself clean and protected from infectious agents is by using a scrub. Dickies is a very popular name when it comes to scrubs. Dickies scrubs are very popular due to their ideal scrubs. Dickies scrubs are made from comfortable fabrics, which makes the personnel comfortable, and clean while working. The use of scrubs have resulted in minimization of spread of diseases and has improved the working efficiency of the users due to sense of security.

Some of the features of Dickies scrubs are:

#Dickies scrubs are designed as per the standards that make them the most preferred brand for scrubs.

#They are made from material, which is comfortable, breathable, and easy to clean or decontaminate.

#Various scrubs available with Dickies are unisex in nature and compliment the bodies of both men and women.

#The material used for Dickies scrubs is an easy-care fabric with 55% brushed cotton and 45% polyester.

#The Dickies scrubs come with a chest pocket with bar tacked pencil slot and side vents to ease the daily operations of a nurse or care provider.

#Dickies scrubs are available in various colors including pink, green, maroon, black, light blue, white, grey, khaki, navy and many more.

#Dickies scrubs also have a separate line of scrubs for men and women along with the unisex version. The women’s scrubs consists the xtreme stretch, EDS, Gen Flex and the Evolution versions with different fabrics used and styles. The xtreme stretch are crafted with a four-way stretch fabric that allows easy movement and are very smooth. They come in empire waist style with patch pockets and stretchy knit interior pockets.

#The EDS version of Dickies scrubs is made from work-tested poly/cotton that provides high levels of durability and quality.

#The unisex lab coats from Dickies scrubs are the best for researchers working in pharmaceutical, nursing, and veterinary departments. The lab coats come with certainty PLUS technology with revolutionary fabric technology and fluid barrier feature.

Dickies scrubs come in best quality and comfort materials, which makes the life of a physician, nurse and a care provider easy and secure. The donning of scrubs itself brings in a sense of responsibility and it secures oneself from spreading infections. These are the best-proven methods to minimize the spread of infections. The various features of Dickies scrubs make them the number one choice of scrubs for various hospitals, clinics, industries and vet clinics. They ensure safety of your staff and the patients coming in the hospital. It is always good to follow the safety norms and provide your hospital staff with good quality scrubs for improving the working process and ensuring safety at work.

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