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Top 7 Clothes Shopping Websites in USA

Online shopping is like a boon to us shopping freaks! Before online shopping became popular, we literally had to struggle to make our wardrobe look beautiful. Look for stuff in 10 different stores. You might like something which is not in your budget.

What is in your budget is not good enough and what not. Too intimidating and tiring, right? But with numerous clothes shopping websites on our fingertips, the work has become shit easy. You can surf through hundreds of different stores in a matter on minutes. No fuss, no struggles whatsoever. Here are the best clothes shopping websites of USA. They will help you grab some amazing deals.


ASOS does some great work. They provide a variety of clothes for both men and women. And if you join the ASOS on campus, (meant for college students), you get flat 10% discount. But the main reason why this one is on my list of best clothes shopping websites is because you can even find vintage clothing with them.

#Forever 21

Forever 21 is an amazing name! It is really popular amongst the college students. The reason is that it provides a variety of stylish clothes, that too at very cheap prices. And the reason why I added this one on the  list of best clothes shopping websites is because they offer clothes for a large size variation. Skinny to plus size, they have in store something for everyone.

#10 Dollar Mall

At the 10 Dollar Mall, you get a variety of stylish clothes for men and women under $10. Isn't this amazing? I mean this one totally nails the concept of style on a budget. It's amazingly affordable budget is the reason why it is on this list of  best clothes shopping websites.

#Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe is one of the most popular clothes shopping websites for young women. They offer a variety of dresses, skirts, shoes, etc. on their website. They also have some offline stores. The website has sales going on in almost every part of the year. Thus, you can buy amazing stuff at great discounts.

#Rue 21

Rue 21 is one of the clothes shopping websites which has clothes for both men as well as women. Skirts, accessories, dresses, jeans, you name it and they have it. This one too also has a lot of sales going on always. Thus, you get chic clothes at the cheapest prices.

#Urban Original

Urban Original is again one of the clothes shopping websites for women. BOGO, 50% off, etc sales are always going on on the website. Even branded clothes are available with amazing discounts. This website is really popular for the dresses they sell.

#Zar Clothing

Zar Clothing is a website which sells clothes for  men, women and kids. They have a huge range of clothes of different styles. Brands like Levi's, Wrangler, Red Kap, etc. are all available with them. They have a huge collection with them and the clothes are available on amazing discount rates.

These were some of the best clothes shopping websites of USA. Go with the one you like and grab some amazing deals.

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