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Chinos - Suits all Occasions

You might have come across the word chinos while you walk around the fashion line display in the men’s section. But there is a huge amount of confusion among people about these pair of bottom wears. A good pair of chinos is a must have in your wardrobe as it can look amazing on your body. Chinos are a style of trousers which got their popularity from the American military. The name was given their name in Philippines and were made in China. Thus it was named chino, which means Chinese in Spanish language.They were worn by the soldiers as uniforms and were usually skimpy on the body.

They were worn by the soldiers as uniforms and were usually skimpy on the body. These bottom wear was adapted by the fashion lines and is now the most wearable and adored style of fashion among men. There is a wide variety of color options available in chinos today. But the most popular ones include the beige, khaki, grey, green, browns and the blacks. Fitted chinos shape up your body and streamline your aesthetics too.

Which chino to pick?

#Chinos are great for all occasions. You just need to pair them up with something that suits the occasion and there you are all ready to hit the spot and steal some hearts. You can always choose linen shirts with your chino on a casual event. The linens keep you cool in the hot weather and the chinos make you look amazingly flattering. For a dressier event you can opt for darker shades of a chino under a shirt and layer it up with a blazer. There are infinite number of color options now available in chinos.

#For adding a little spunk to your casual look, you can try out the pop color range available in chinos. These include the yellow, greens and the reds. Pair them up with equally casual and cool shirt or t-shirt and enjoy the zillions of comments that you would receive for the look. This dapper look is great to wear on casual meet ups, casual events or outings with friends.

#The white, khaki and the black chinos are great for official events. You can pair them up with a formal shirt and pop out the eyes of the women at work. You can also team it up with a jacket and a tie to give it a professional and formal look.

#Pick the greys and the khaki chinos for your outdoor excursions or for an everyday look. Pairing up a khaki chino with a checkered shirt looks dapper, casual and extremely cool. The khakis have an earthy feel which can always be linked to wildlife excursions or a date with the nature. Apart from the look they are also very comfortable and durable.

Chinos are the current favorite of many men today. The wide range of options available and the amazing levels of comfort are the features which make them the most wearable fashion of recent times. The Chinos have proved to be the best alternative for the jeans.

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