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Get comfortable in a Chino

Chinos are basically trousers which are 100% cotton made. There seems to be a lot of confusion among the fashion followers between chinos and khakis. The word chino is adapted from the country where it was originally made, which is China. This trouser was earlier made for soldiers and thereby had various features, which fit into the profession.

The features included comfort, hardwearing, and simple. The earthy colors and tones of these trousers were ideal for military use. Chinos quickly got popular among students and now have become a fad among teenagers. Currently, chinos are available in variety of colors. From earthy colors to spunky blue, red and greens, the choices are infinite.

Chinos give a very casual, comfortable and cool looks to the person who wears them. These features make them the best choice for the summers. The sleek style and beautiful cuts will make them your favorite trousers of all time. Chinos are the ideal choice of clothing for casual outings, lawn parties, and get-togethers. However, their use has not been limited to outings and casual wear. They have also been incorporated in professional fields and other occasions too. This makes the chino a versatile pair of clothing.

Here are some quick tips to style up your chino:

They are versatile and can be teamed up with a t-shirt, shirt and a jacket to almost fit in every occasion. Dressing the correctly with right accessories is the key.

# If you are looking for a semi-formal style or casual aesthetics, you can wear a chino with a t-shirt and a light cardigan or a jacket. These trousers look great with colorful and spunky colored t-shirts. You can also try the various spunky colors of chinos available for semi-formal and casual dressing. You can try out red, pink, blue and green chinosfor such occasions.

# For a dressier occasion, they can be teamed up with a shirt and a blazer to bring out the sizzle and swag out of your personality. Black browns and khaki colored chinos look the best for such occasions.

# For a more formal version, you can team up your chino with a formal shirt, a tie, a coat, or a vest. This gives a very professional and subtle look to your personality. Black, white, and khaki colored chinos look amazing with formal dressing.

# It is important to try out the various colors of chinos and see which one enhances your personality. Fitted chinos are often the best choices, as they look extremely dapper and crisp.

Wearing the right footwear and accessories is equally important while sporting a chino. Sports shoes, loafers, or sneakers look great if you are planning to pose a sporty and funked up look. While a more formal version of dressing up with a chino can be teamed up with formal shoes. Add in your favorite belt and you are ready to roll. You can never get enough of chinos. They are very easy to style and look amazingly trendy.

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