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Cargo shorts: Your Best Travel Buddy

Cargo shorts are loose, comfortable, and short and was earlier used by the military personnel’s. However, today they have become the most comfortable pair of shorts during outdoor incursions and activities. Tourists, hikers, and travelers often prefer these shorts. These cargo shorts have multiple flap pockets, which makes your trip very convenient. For travelers this is an added advantage for storing their wallets, cameras, and essential documents handy.

These cargo shorts are also very famous among the golf players and some of the golf clubs also have a mandatory dress code which includes these cargo shorts.  Men earlier wore cargo short only, but now the amazing fad has also taken over the women’s wardrobe. The colors of cargo shorts are usually very earthy and natural. These include beige, browns, greens, and military or khaki colors. These are the best options for both men and women during summers.

Materials used for cargo shorts

Cargo shorts are usually made from cotton. However, with the changing times there have various fabrics, which are used for these shorts. These include denims and codra materials. The denim versions are very thick and great for casual wear. Other fabrics are best for activities like outings, recreational activities and athletic activities.

How to style up with the cargo shorts

For men, the options are infinite. You can style up your cargo short based on the occasion or event that you are wanting to wear them to.

# If you are planning a wildlife excursion or trekking in the outdoors the best way to style up your cargo shorts is by teaming it up with a similar earthy colored shirt or T-shirt. This not only helps you in styling up your shorts but also keeps you camouflaged during the excursion.

# For recreational outings, lawn parties and casual get-togethers, all you need is a pair of white t-shirt or a shirt and you are sorted. This style will definitely leave you with loads of compliments. This dressing style gives a comfortable, laid-back, and chilled-out look that is highly appreciated during outings and get-togethers.

# Apart from the styling of the cargo short, another point to remember is your footwear. It is always a good idea to wear a pair of high - top sneakers, sandals, or low top chucks to enhance the overall look of the cargo short.

# Adding up the accessories is another important part of styling up your cargo shorts. Wearing a cool shade, cowboy hat and an explorer edition watch increases the oomph factor of your attire. So be sure that you accessorize to look smooth and dapper.

These above-mentioned styling tips also work well with women cargo shorts. They are the first choice of people who are planning outings, wildlife excursions, or recreational events. They are not very suitable for formal events. They are great for casual and comfortable looks. These cargo shorts are like your second skin, they are so comfortable that you do not even feel them.

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