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Best Jeans Brand - The Top 8 from the Globe

Jeans are the most worn clothing item in the world. Be it men, women, kids!  All are crazily obsessed with this fashion invention. However, to be honest, it is actually worth all the hype. Since, jeans are versatile, trendy and shit comfortable (if you buy a good one).  A pair of jeans can cost you anything between $3 to $ 1.3 million. Isn't that just crazy? I know right! Amidst all this jeans love, you must be wondering which one is the best jeans brand. Here is a list of our top 10 from the Globe!


H&M is a Swedish clothing company. H&M is surely the best jeans brand for people on a budget. If you want something that is form-fitting, super comfy and cheap! Then girl go get an H&M pair. Their Shaping Skinny Regular Jeans which is an amazing buy, costs just 50 bucks!

#Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Arma S.p.A. is a Italian fashion house. It is the best jeans brand for people who want class with a hint of hip look. Their designs, style and colors are all Armaniish just with a slight twist. You can buy a good Armani pair at around $150-200.

#Levi Strauss & Co.501

Levi's is a brand which needs no introduction. It is without a doubt, the best jeans brand. It was founded 163 years ago. And since then, it is totally known for its amazing jeans. They need no introduction whatsoever.

#Dolce and Gabbana

It was founded in 1985. And it surely won't be an exaggeration to say that D&G is indeed the best jeans brand. Though the D&G denims are high end. But it is difficult to compete their quality, comfort and style.

#United Colors of Benetton

UCB! A 51 year old global fashion brand. I would call this one the best jeans brand for a reason. And the reason is enormous customer satisfaction. People who have used it, love it to bits. Like totally! It is a decent budget brand. And total value for money.


A high end brand which has a variety of jeans, not in designs but in types? You got the best jeans brand baby. Guess is there for you! Skinny, cigarette, push-up, shape-up! You name it. They have it.


Gucci is for sure a high-end brand. But definitely the best jeans brand. As the designs of Gucci jeans for women are so damn unique! The colors, the designs! Creativity at its total best.


Why is Wrangler the best jeans brand? God, duh! Because it is a jeans dedicated brand! What else do you want? In addition, you get tonnes of different types of jeans from the Wrangler house. They have one to suit each style, figure and liking. Yet, all of them budget friendly.

Jeans are amazing! And the best jeans brand for you, is simply the one you love. So go girl! And get yourself some amazing deals from your favorite store. Because fashion is all about you!

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